Tracking Regional Holidays for Global Teams

Keeping track of holidays for teams spread across multiple continents is a chore. Missing team members, taking calls on holidays and scuttled plans. We help you plan for upcoming holidays without breaking a sweat.


Enuf said!
Joan (TeamLead) 11:46

We are nearing the release deadline by end of next week. Are we good to go?

FlitWit APP 12:45

Brazil observes Tridantes Day on 21st April and Carnival on 22 April.

Olavo (Campinas ScrumMaster) 12:46

@Joan Our bandwidth this week is limited because of holidays. Shall we stick to the most critical bugs this week?

Joan (TeamLead) 11:46

As long as we can address #3454 and #8743, this sounds good. We may have to do a little catch up next week though.

Oh! And enjoy the Carnival! Save us a few snaps of the Parade!

Olavo (Campinas ScrumMaster) 12:45

Sure! Done! 👍


Enuf said!
Dave (PM) 11:46

Hi teams! The scrum teamboards are ready with features for this release. Pl review and add swag estimates. Shall we meet on 3rd May and finalize?

FlitWit APP 12:45

Minsk, Belarus observes Radonitsa on 3rd May (Tuesday).

Dave (PM) 12:46

Seems like Minsk is off on Tuesday. @Victoria and @Ales can you provide your inputs before your holiday? A day or two’s time should be sufficient for everyone to review the items before Wednesday’s call.

Victoria (Team Minsk) 11:46

@Dave we will do this on prio before we leave. We maybe able to get back to you by today.

Ales (Team Minsk) 12:45

Yep! 👍


High Prio!
FlitWit APP 12:45

Chennai, India is celebrating Pongal on 14th(Wed), 15th(Thurs) and 16th (Fri) Jan

Jennifer (Customer Success) 11:46

@Ravi I see you have a long weekend coming up. Will you be available on Friday. We really need to get back with a proposal for fixing the FAANG customer’s incident.

Ravi (Dev Lead) 12:46

@Jennifer we already have a hotfix currently being tested but a long weekend is not a good time to deploy.

Shall we meet on, say Monday? We can do an early deploy and then meet with the customer to explain the fix.

Jennifer (Customer Success) 11:46

👍 Meet you after Pongal! Happy weekend!





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Seamless Collaboration

Organized, Well-planned Team is a Happy, Productive Team

Updates right where your team resides. The whole office is briefed transparently. Enjoy distraction-free collaboration.

  • Better planning and informed colleagues make great, uninterrupted holidays and vacations.
  • Holidays are great conversation starters. Increase cross-team rapport.
  • Let diversity flourish at your workplace
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